Hello World

Jun 24, 2022 | 3 minutes read

Welcome to the blog I have decided to call, The Art of Gods, titled after what I hope will be a trilogy that I am writing, though it may span a little further than what I hope. As I write, I realize that there is a whole world to explore that I have, thus far, only barely touched upon.

To give a little rundown of the first book, which remains untitled to this point, it is focused on a land called Vythafjora. It is a land of people who are set apart from the troubles of the rest of the world. They, of course, have their own troubles, but they remain untouched by the ever-expanding Empire [still working on an actual name for that]. Jattel, our main character and protagonist of the story, washes ashore in the first scene and is greeted by Gym, his first friend in the new land.

I won’t spoil the whole story, but that is how it began, in the first book at least. The real hourney to me writing this story began long ago, when I was just a young boy. I read book after book and stories began to develop in my head. I wrote down my first story, the prototype for this story when I was fourteen years old. I kept writing and even took a Creative Writing class in highschool. What I was fascinated with was not so much the aspects of story-telling, but rather the language behind the stories. I read so many books where there existed a language of different peoples, not fleshed out, but rather something ephemeral and archaic, something in the background to give a story depth. I wanted, as a child, to explore that more.

I went to University, still stumped and unsure how to create a language, other than to simply make up words and pretend that that was a language. At University, I discovered linguistics and mythology. I discovered Teutonic Mythology by the Grimm Brothers and was entirely entranced with the origin of words. Then, in my second year at University, I took a course wherein we created a framework for our own language. It was a joy to create, but eventually I discovered that it was an undertaking of epic proportions. However, this was a start. The stories I had spun out in my youth were becoming reality. Still, I didn’t publish any of them. The advent of self-publishing was around the time I was in University, and that got me to thinking; I could self-publish.

Years have passed since I was at Uni, but since then, the Vytha language has developed in ways that have had me reshaping my entire story. The Art of Gods is the story of the Vytha language, but to understand what that means, dear reader, you must understand that language is not something that is just created without a thought; my fourteen year old brain didn’t realize that at first. You must understand that language needs history and mythology to breathe life into it; language needs foundation. Hopefully, by the completion of the first act of The Art of Gods, you will see the mythology and life, the history and society that I have been trying for years to build so that the language itself could have life.

Thank you, as always, for reading.