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“He cracked open his eyes to see a gray moonlight stretching across the sky. Thud and scrape jarred him awake. The chaffing of salty skin in the dry winter let him know that he was alive. Were those hooves clattering on the stones?”

Welcome to the main site featuring the upcoming book The Art of Gods: A Season of Chaos by Herag Anarchivist

Let’s journey together through the wide world of Vythafjora and beyond with Jattel of Svartyr who, running from the oppression of the Fari Empire, finds himself in a strange land across the sea.

This website is intended to not only introduce you to the upcoming first book of The Art of Gods, but enhance the content of the book with details about the languages of the world, maps, and deep myths nestled within the lines of the story.

Explore at your own convenience and enjoy!


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Jun 24, 2022

Hello World

Welcome to the blog I have decided to call, The Art of Gods, titled after what I hope will be a trilogy that I am writing, though it may span a little further than what I hope. As I write, I realize that there is a whole world to explore that I have, thus far, only barely touched upon. To give a little rundown of the first book, which remains untitled to this point, it is focused on a land called Vythafjora. Read more
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